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Vision Statement 

We are active participants to the mandate of Jesus Christ in proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel (Mark 16:19-20), continual engagement through our discipleship program (Matthew 28:16-20) and maintaining a trustworthy and faithful witness of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the influence of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:6-8). 

Mission Statement 

In continuum with the divine words spoken to the founding pastor, the words spoken to her by the Spirit of the Lord…Never establish the ministry on the sound of a choir, nor the gifts of The Spirit but by the sure WORD of Prophecy which is the Word of God.  

Our mission is to promote a culture that invokes the divine presence of God  

▪ In Our Worship 

▪ In Our Prayers  

▪ In Our Unity 

▪ In Our Study of the Word of God 

▪ In Our Stewardship as kings and priests in the earth 

▪ In Our Love towards all mankind 

▪ In Our Community

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