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Bishop Veronica E. Watson

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Early in the morning on February 7, 1945, in a little country town called Savanna-la-mar Jamaica, West Indies, a baby girl was born. Her parents, Bishop John S. and Evangelist Joyce E. Watson, were delighted at the birth of their first daughter and third child of their union. Veronica was a very lively birth that came swiftly from the overwhelming quickening of the Holy Ghost upon her mother. Her mother, an apostle, evangelist, pastor and prophet in the body of Christ, knew then that this child was destined for a great work in the Lord.


In the year 1950, Bishop John Watson took his first of many trips to the United States. It was at this time that he officially met Reverend Monroe R. Saunders, Sr. at the Rehoboth Church in Baltimore, Maryland.


In the year 1965, Bishop Monroe R. Saunders, Sr. and his board of Bishops, which included Bishop John Watson, formed the United organization. In June of the following year, Veronica migrated to the United States of America. There she was met at the Friendship Airport, now called the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, by Bishop Monroe R. Saunders Jr. Bishop Saunders escorted Veronica to the door and threshold of her destiny.


On the 4th of May 1980, God revealed Himself to Veronica in a vision and called her out of darkness into His marvelous light. She fell to her knees in tears and was taken to Evangel Temple where she came in contact with another rung on the ladder of her destiny, Bishop John L. Meares. Through his ministry of love, the spirit of racism began to break and reconciliation began taking place. First, between God and Veronica, and afterward with every nation.


On Mother's day, May 11th, 1980 Veronica was truly baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with understanding by  Bishop Robert E. Johnson, Sr. in the First United Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Thereafter, she was filled with the Holy Ghost. She then attended Evangel Temple for two years where she was taught of the Lord by the late Bishop John L. Meares. Later she returned to the United Church in Baltimore.


From many visits and training by the Holy Spirit, she embarked on her Journey to the unfolding of destiny. On one of her visits to Evangel Temple, Veronica met the Archbishop Benson Idahosa who would open the door to her experience in evangelism. In 1983, the handmaiden of the Lord, Veronica Watson, went to Nigeria to the great house and ministry of Bishop Benson and Margaret Idahosa. There the handmaiden of the Lord experienced great 'on the field training' in the power of deliverance. In Benin City, Nigeria, she encountered face-to-face spiritual warfare. There she learned to stand in the power of the living God and defeat the powers of sorcery and witchcraft. God worked mightily through her in many villages in Nigeria, and the anointing of God increased upon her.  After experiencing much air and on the ground spiritual combat, Watson returned full of the anointing of God.


Meanwhile, Bishop Monroe R. Saunders, Sr. ordained her the International Evangelist. Veronica Watson continued evangelistic outreaches in school auditoriums, hotels, church, bible studies in government buildings, The State Department conference rooms, and youth camp meetings. She slept on desktops even in the far reaches of Jamaica where many would not go. For many hours, she would minister to both young and old. The Lord was with her. The gift of faith and miracles were in operation and many who were barren brought forth.


In 1984 Evangelist Watson met Bishop Juanita Turner, who opened the door to many churches, and the prophetic gift was in operation. 


By July 1985, Veronica was installed as Pastor and Founder of United Fellowship Church - which is now known as Bethesda International Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. - name change 1989.


Pastor Watson has persevered through great seasons of suffering and joy over the years - from the time of her installation as Pastor to her ordination as Bishop in 2003. The Lord has been taking her on a journey from faith to faith and glory to glory, writing books, hosting conferences, planting and overseeing ministries, founding a school and TV broadcast ministry, and many more good works that would fill many books - but this she does without constraint.


God has given her His Word that there is one Kingdom and one Head of the Church. He has elevated her to the office of Bishop, not only because of her spiritual acumen but also for her tenacity to be a pioneer and groundbreaker. She has been equipped to break the barriers of racism, sexism, mammonism, human adulation, idolatry, and egoism. She is established in the body of Christ "to set in order the things that are wanting and to ordain elders in every city as has been appointed by the Lord" even as Titus (Titus 1:5). God has ordained Bishop Veronica E. Watson as a conduit of His Holy Spirit, to link together nations and nationalities, old with new; and to establish the kingdom of God in its regal platform.


By the grace of God and with delight, Bishop Veronica E. Watson continues to lead many souls to the Lord Jesus Christ and to lead His people into lifting Him higher through serving in excellence as the Royal Priesthood.


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